The purpose of this Standing Balance Test is to test your ability to balance on the ball of your foot.
You will need to use flat no slippery surface, as well as a stopwatch, paper and pen.
During the test you will stand on one foot for as long as possible with the arms relaxed by your sides. You can increase the degree of difficulty by holding your arms out horizontally or on your head. The diagram below indicates various levels of difficulty:

Before conducting the actual test practice your balance for a few minutes. Once you are ready, raise your heel of the ground. Start the stopwatch as soon as your foot is off the ground.

Stop the stopwatch as soon as any of the following things occur:
• Your foot touches the ground
• Supporting foot hops or moves
• Heel of the supporting foot touches the ground
• The score is the best of three attempts.

Here are the general ratings for the Standing Balance Test.

  • Rating Score (seconds)
  • Excellent > 50
  • Good 40 – 50
  • Average 25- 39
  • Fair 10 – 24
  • Poor < 10