As we get older we tend to reduce level of physical activity during the day and gradually lead a much more sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, for most people that is exact opposite of what should be happening as we age. As this article points out,, leading a physically active lifestyle is crucial in maintaining good quality of life, reducing various age related disease such as osteoporosis as well as improving mental health and cognitive ability.

There is an abundance of different training options if you are looking at increasing your level of physical activity during the day. Going for a simple walk can be great in improving your cardio vascular fitness, balance as well lower body strength and endurance. Around your home you can use your dining chair to help you perform functional exercises like squat or calves raises.

Joining local yoga or pilates class can be another fantastic option to help improve your posture, balance and overall well being.

I currently offer mobile personal training services to a number of my clients who are well over the age of 70. I have to say it was amazing and so rewarding to witness such an improvement in their mobility, confidence and overall strength after only training for a couple of month.

Introduce a little bit of extra structured physical activity to your lifestyle and you will surprise yourself with the results.