Just came across this article on https://coach.nine.com.au/2018/06/01/09/35/barrys-bootcamp-australia talking about the most Insta friendly gym in the world Barry’s Bootcamp. Turns out very shortly there will be three of these studious opening around Sydney in September.

The very first line in the article states that trainers are Insta celebrities’ stars of their own right and the gym is dressed up like a posh night club. Unfortunately this sort of atmosphere can be off putting and threatening for the majority of population. Majority of us are not participating in the regular fitness training, overweight and just simply trying to get back to doing a little bit of training. Large portion of the population in Australia are baby boomers and any gym in my opinion should reflect environment and fitness equipment that would be suitable to that demographic. Gym should be an open community environment that is welcoming and accessible to anyone looking at improving their health and fitness.

Not to mention statements like “the best workout in the world” are very misleading as every person has very different health and fitness goals as well as medical history and lifestyle. Consequently, each workout should reflect all of those factors in the workout style and plan. Thus, there is no “the best exercise” or “the best workout”, we all have varied training needs and the best workout is the one that will work for you.

There wasn’t a specific price of the membership advertised in this article but it refers to the similar gym in US that was charging $125 per week membership fee. If the Australian membership is at a similar price point, well it seems pretty pricey; well to be honest it’s on the expensive side. I am currently a member of Fitness First and paying $20 per week for my membership which includes unlimited access to all the classes as well as gym. There even cheaper alternatives, such as Snap fitness or anytime fitness that do charge even lower membership rates per week.

On the more expensive side, there is F45, charging around $55 per week and even that is cheap if you compare it to Barry’s Bootcamp potentially charging $125 per week.

So before you decide which gym to join or what training style is going to be right for you, please do your research and don’t get sucked in by all the hype and marketing.