About Us


IdealBody4Life Sydney Personal Training is a leading mobile personal training business, ready to help you achieve your health and fitness goals at your home, local park or gym. We offer unique training approach to each client and strive to provide our clients with some of the Sydney’s best and experienced personal trainers. Launched in 2006, Idealbody4life Sydney Personal Training consistently delivers personal training services that far exceed industry standard.

Idealbody4life Sydney Personal Training team will look after your fitness and health needs by designing workout plans to suit your individual and specific goals. Idealbody4life Personal Training workout plans aim at improving various aspects of your fitness and health including: flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone or any other more specific goals. We have helped our clients to participate in and finish marathons, lose weight, improve sport specific performance, all by tailoring each workout to our clients needs.

Personal training means to us that we get to know our clients medical and fitness history in order to provide fun and an enjoyable experience. Our personal trainers will help you set out and achieve viable fitness goals, while keeping you motivated and fulfilled. We offer our clients ongoing support through follow up calls and emails. Outside personal training sessions our clients are provided with easy to follow workout plans to help them achieve results sooner. We keep our workouts, fresh, varied, fun and exciting. No two workouts are ever the same.

Join us today and let the IdealBody4Life team help you create your ideal body today!

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