Ninemsn website recently featured an article highlighting the dangers of prolonged sitting and three exercises that one can do in the office. Here is the link to the article mentioned;

At this point in time there is plenty of research that highlights the dangers of prolonged sitting to your health, as some doctors have stated sitting for two hours equates same health risks as smoking one cigarette.

However, I believe that the above mentioned article takes a very limited approach to a variety of exercises and stretches most people can do in their office. Three exercises listed, desk push-ups, desk dips and knee pulls. These three exercises largely focus of upper body and abdominal strengthening. Sitting for prolonged period of time quite often can lead to tight neck and middle back, forward rolled shoulders, as well weakness in the buttocks and stiff legs. Unfortunately 90* angle that your knees are forced to be in while you are sitting can also irritate your knees.

Consequently, exercises and stretches in the office should primary counteract negative effects of prolonged sitting. Doing a set of 20 triceps dips will not help to loosen out your tight neck and shoulders but will only cause the opposite reaction. Stretches that will help to release muscles around your thoracic spine, shoulders and upper trapeziums should bring great relive.

Perhaps a set of squats and hips stretches would also be much more beneficial to your overall posture than trying to do a set of knee pulls, while balancing on your office chair.

I personally see many clients that spend many hours sitting in the office, the workout plan that I provide them with reflects the need to help to alleviate negative impact of sitting on the human body.

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