Using swiss ball or bosu ball can help to introduce a number of intermediate and advance core strengthening exercises into your workout routine. Unlike mat pilates these exercise tools are inherently unstable and as a result can lead to more muscle engagement as well as challenging your balance and pro perception of your body in space. As the matter of fact even attempting simple exercise such as dumbbell bicep curl while standing on the bosu ball  can activate your stabilising muscle groups around your trunk, legs and ankles making it a much more functional exercise.

I often use both bosu ball and swiss ball in the workout plans offered to my personal training clients to further enhance core and balance strengthening as well as to add more variety of exercises to the training plan. Some of my favorite exercises using swiss ball include, knee tucks, hamstring roll outs and pliates bridges on the swill ball. All three of these exercises are great at activating your core, engaging muscles around your buttocks and hamstrings.

If you like to learn how to use swiss or bosu ball as part of your workout plan please dont hesitate to schedule a personal training session. During the personal training session we can go through the list of various exercises that could be appropriate to your current level of strength and fitness, understand how to perform these exercises correctly and plan your workout plan going forward.