Alexandria Park is not the largest park and definitely can’t compete when it comes to its size, but this quaint park has plenty of character and multipurpose outdoor spaces. This park is bordered by Buckland and Wyndham streets and is right in the middle of the trendy precincts of Alexandria and Waterloo. Location of this park makes it a very convenient and accessible for a variety of outdoor activities for the local residents.

First thing that should be noted is that, Alexandria Oval is the only sporting ground that I know off in the inner city, were you can find two huge trees in the two opposing corners of the oval. Training outdoors in this oval is a pleasure during hot summer months, after doing couple of laps around the oval you can enjoy the rest of your workout under the refreshing shade of one of the trees, making those push-ups just a little bit easier. Unfortunately this park, doesn’t offer any training equipment, so when it comes to training in Alexandria Park it is all about cardio vascular drills and calisthenics. There is however a number of benches spread all around the park and they can be incorporated into your outdoor training routine.

If you are a dog owner, than you are probably thinking that Alexandria Park is a predominantly a dog walking park, and it is used in that capacity quiet extensively by many local dog owners. However, there are also a number of BBQ areas and a fantastic kid’s playground making this a perfect public space for a variety of outdoor activities.

Idealbdoy4life Personal Training team is currently running a number of small boutique group classes at Alexandria Park Oval, which also include Mums n Bubs classes. We are always happy to organise a small group class just for your friends and family, which will always be based around your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Please don’t forget that Idealbody4life Personal Training team can meet you at any location and bring all the fitness equipment directly to you, making it much more convenient to exercise outdoors as well offering you a variety of training options. When it comes to training outdoors, the Idealbody4life Personal Training team has you covered.