So looks like crawling is the, it exercise of 2017, exercises such as bear crawls tend to work on your arms, shoulders as well as core and depending on the duration it can also be used as part of your cardio routine.

This is not the first time that fitness professionals took a page out of the daily routine of the toddler. Toddlers tend to squat, bend, crawl all day long and perform all of these movements with a perfect technique an ultimate functional training routine. However, please do not get caught up in the hype and make sure that various crawl based exercises are appropriate for your level of fitness and will not cause any injuries. There are a number of various exercises that can help you achieve the same outcome without loading your wrist and shoulders or straining your back as much as a bear crawl. Your personal trainer should be able to ascertain if the crawl would be appropriate to be included in your workout plan and can demonstrate a number of regressions or progressions of the exercise. As the general guide before attempting to do any crawl variations please make sure that your core is strong enough to maintain a neutral spine position for a prolonged period of time and that you don’t have any shoulder joint injuries or instability.

Idealbody4life Personal Training team takes care in ascertaining important lifestyle and medical conditions of our clients in order to make sure we offer the workout plan that is suitable and designed specifically for each individual client. For some of our clients’ workout plan is based around high intensity functional exercises and only lasts 30 minutes. On the other hand, this type of workout might not be suitable for somebody with a number of medical conditions. Idealbody4life experienced personal trainers will take care in ensuring that we will help you achieve your health and fitness goals without risking your health. Why not contact one of our experienced trainers today and we will help you to get started on the bear crawl today.