When it comes to training during pregnancy and resuming training after your little one is born, correct exercise prescription is critical and personal training can help to minimise any risks. The first step once you find out that you are pregnant is to make sure to advice your doctor re your current training routine. There is chance that you might be advised to stop any further training, but today women are encouraged not to make too many changes to their pre pregnancy workout plan. There are of course some general guidelines that need to be followed such trying to  avoid any high impact exercises or not increasing body core temperature above 38 degrees. However, one must not forget that pre-natal personal training must aim to get your body as ready for the big event as physically possible; as such your training goals will change

Perhaps, your main goal was to lose a bit of weight and tone up, well that should be reassessed as your new personal training regime should focus on improving your core and pelvic floor.  Please make sure that you let your personal trainer know as soon possible, that you are pregnant. Your personal trainer must ascertain together with you what your training goals should be during the each trimester. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that those goals will change as you progress through your pregnancy, depending on your health and physical ability. During pregnancy at times you might feel frustrated that you don’t feel as energetic or as strong when exercising and it’s natural to feel those things. However remember that the main goal is to make sure that you are healthy and your baby is healthy, you can always aim to push for your personal best after your little one is born. A good personal trainer will be able to keep you motivated and encourage you to stay on track during this very emotional and physically draining time.