Personal training vs Boot campWhen it comes to deciding if personal training is the right option for you or a local boot camp, there are many factors that need to be considered. Personal attention, price and location are just a few factors that might influence your decision.

Boot camp is definitely a value for money option; usually you will pay no more than $10-$20 per class, depending on both location, frequency of your attendance and the size of the boot camp. However, in joining the boot camp you must remember that you become just another number, and each workout will not be tailored around your fitness, lifestyle and medical needs. People of different age groups, fitness levels and with different fitness goals will attend the same boot camp. In the boot camp each session will tend to be based around easy to follow routine that does not require much fitness equipment. Due to the size of the boot camp, your instructor will not be always able to correct you if you are performing exercises incorrectly or offer another alternative exercise that might be more appropriate to your needs.

On the other hand, personal training is exactly that “personal”, a good personal trainer will take their time in ascertaining your training requirements, medical history and lifestyle. Your unique workout plan will be based around your fitness goals, and will be modified as you progress and increase your fitness and strength. A personal trainer should be able to offer you not just variety of training options but also great range of the fitness equipment, to help you in reaching your unique fitness goals. Personal training will cost you more, somewhere in the vicinity of $60-85 for a 60 minute session, but that cost will be reflected in the personal attention you will be getting during that training session.
If location of your training is important to you, for various reasons such as privacy and etc, then personal training is probably the right option for you as you can pick any location of your choice and most personal trainers will be able to accommodate you. Boot camps tend to run in the popular local parks and do not have much flexibility when it comes to offering various locations.

One must not forget that boot camp is a fantastic team based workout and can help to keep you motivated and make sure you stick to the regular training times. Nothing motivates most people more than doing one extra push that the guy/girl next to them. Unfortunately personal training does not offer that team atmosphere but if you do find a good personal trainer, he/she should be able to motivate you and keep you on track with a greater variety of workout routines and more personal encouragement.