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What is the most effective type of exercise?

It has been proven that all exercise is good for you but everybody has different fitness needs. The question is how do you want to get fit and which type of exercises are best suited to your fitness needs?
• Strength Training
As we age we tend to lose muscle mass and resistance training is one of the best ways to slow down muscle loss and possibly increase muscle mass. Weight lifting also strengthens bones and connective tissue.
• High-Intensity Intervals
Latest research indicates that brief but high intensity repeated bouts of exercise may help people to lose weight and reduce body fat.
• Walking
Mounting evidence suggest that a brisk walk can better your mind, possibly by stimulating the parts of the brain that are involved in memory and learning.
• Cardio
Aim to increase your stamina with regular aerobic exercise like running, cycling or swimming. Please don’t forget that if you can easily carry on a conversation during this exercise, chances are you are not pushing yourself hard enough.
• Yoga and Pilates
These stretching workouts are two of the most proven ways to increase flexibility and improve range of motion, even in older and sedentary adults. They are also helpful for relaxation and reducing stress.

So which type of exercise will you do today?