Inevitably every New Year most of us will make some kind of New Year Resolution, spending more time with the family, working less or travelling more are just some of many. Of course losing weight, getting fitter and healthier is at the top of the list.

Having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, there is always a great influx of new members in the gym around January. Unfortunately, only about 15% of these new members will still be making effort of going to the gym 3 months later, while majority will be just paying weekly fees.

Gym can be a fantastic tool to help you lose weight and get fitter, offering a variety of equipment, group classes’ as well social connections. However, many also find gyms confronting, expensive and too time consuming.

This fantastic article points out some of the less expensive and easily accessible ways of getting your fitness on track in 2018.

Going for a walk is easy, cheap and a fun social exercise that most people can easily enjoy on the regular basis. Most body weight exercises are fantastic at improving your muscle tone and strength, added bonus they can be performed anywhere.

When considering the best approach for you to commence your fitness regime try to aim to start with easy and time efficient workout plan. Slowly over period of time you will be able to build up duration and level of intensity of your training. Any workout plan needs to be able to suit your current lifestyle, be sustainable in the long run, varied and interesting.

Important to consult your doctor and possibly physiotherapist of you are dealing with any injuries or medical conditions before considering commencing any new training regime.

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