Training during cold months of winter is hard, it is hard to stay motivated and it’s hard to keep up with your normal training routine when it is dark, cold and raining.

If you would like to continue your training routine, and get ready for your first appearance at your local beach this summer, here are just a couple of tips to keep you on track.

Please try to set out small manageable weekly goals; sense of achievement will encourage you to keep going. On the other hand, if you fail to achieve your weekly goal, that negative feeling of failing will spur you on to push just a little bit harder the following week. Whatever you do, don’t just set a general goal, such as “I want to get fit or lose some weight”. General goals will not keep you accountable.

Possibly changing your training routine and the type of training can be that extra motivation you need to get you through the winter months. Why not try a different group class? Perhaps having a session indoor rather than outside can be just the change you need?

Hiring an experienced and motivated personal trainer can be the solution to keep you on track. Personal trainer can be crucial in continually changing your workout plan to keep it fresh and exciting.  Personal trainer can be very helpful in pushing you just a little bit more during the training session, helping you achieve your desired health and fitness goals.

Please check out this article I came across on nine msn website for a few more tips to keep you training during this winter.