Chin up is one tough exercise to perform but also one of the most rewarding exercises to master. This exercise manages to engage most of your upper body muscles in one movement as well as your core. As thus it should be part of your workout plan if you are looking at building your upper body muscle tone and strength.

From my personal experience working as a personal trainer over the last 13 years most people do not do chin ups correctly and many are too scared to even try.

So let us break down this fantastic upper body strengthening exercise. We are going to focus on the pronated grip chin up, meaning your palms facing away from your body and wider grip position. This variation of the chin up can potentially help to better engage your latissumus dorsi muscles of your back.

To start make sure you stand close to the chin up bar and gripping chin up bar slightly wider than your shoulders as well make sure to wrap your thumb around the bar. Before commencing any upward lift try to retract your scapulars (shoulders) down as not to over engage muscles around your neck. I would suggest coming up on your toes to better engage your muscles prior to the lift. Try not to bounce into the movement. Begin by bending your elbows and pulling yourself up towards the bar without over engaging muscles around your neck, if you can aim to touch your chest on the bar, but you can always work your way up. Make sure to breathe out on the way up and tighten your core.

Continue to pull yourself up until your arms are fully flexed and pause briefly and slowly lower yourself down until your arms are almost completely straightened.

Please refer to this video breakdown correct chin up technique

Using power bands can also assist beginners when first attempting chin ups by reducing some of the weight being lifted and improve chin up form going forward.

If you would like more information or help improving your chin up form please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced personal trainers. During the personal training session one of our trainers can further breakdown correct chin up technique as well as gradually progress exercise as you increase your strength and improve your chin up form.