If you are thinking of hiring a personal trainer, there must be a reason behind it, perhaps change to work life balance or maybe there is a fitness goal you are trying to achieve. We train so we can get good at something, right? Fitness is often lumped into one field, but there are different fitness goals for which you can strive.  Saying “I want to get in shape” is a pretty vague statement. Choosing one of the following goals can help your Idealbody4life personal trainer build the perfect plan for you.




Strength is the ability to move weight over a distance. The stronger you are, the more weight you can move and the farther you can move. Strength training primarily builds muscle. Often overweight people can benefit the most from strength training. Muscle may weigh more than fat, but muscle cells require more maintenance calories than fat cells.  Having more muscle means that you’re burning more calories and your base metabolic rate goes up.  Because of this, strength training becomes perfect for anyone looking at losing weight.


Strength training can also be tailored for particular sports. Some sports need a lot of strength delivered in a short time span. Others need to have strength last for a long time. Bodybuilding has its own specialized training. If you’re an athlete (or are interested in a particular sport), let your trainer know what kind of strength you need.


Endurance (Cardio)


Endurance is the ability to exert effort over time. This type of exercise is often called cardio because it increases the health of the cardiovascular system. A healthy cardiovascular system leaves you with lots of energy and a strong heart. The classic cardio exercise is running, but there are other options. For instance, kettlebell up swings can build both strength and endurance at the same time. Walking is a great endurance exercise for the elderly and if you are carrying couple of extra kilos around the waist. It’s much easier on the joints.


Endurance exercises fall into three main areas. You can try to move faster in time (sprinting), move further in distance (jogging), or move with more intensity (circuit training). Beginners are likely to get gains in all three when they start endurance training. Your personal trainer should be able to ascertain your goals and medical conditions in order to develop a workout plan that will suit your goals and needs.


Flexibility and Mobility


This is the third major fitness domain. Mobility training moves your body through its normal range of motion. Flexibility training tries to increase that range of motion. The two work hand-in-hand. For older people and people who work desk jobs, this type of training can remove many everyday aches and pains. Athletes also need it to gain full access to their strength.


Yoga is one popular form of flexibility training, but it’s far from the only one. Training flexibility and mobility can get very specialized depending on how you wish to be flexible. It does much more than warm up your muscles for later work.


If you let your trainer know exactly how you want to get in shape, it will make it much easier for them to make the perfect tailored workout plan for you. If you are seeking personal training in Sydney, call IdealBody4Life today to get started on the right foot.