The Heart Shift – Revolutionary Change begins within you!
My mission in life, is to enable you to live from the power of your TRUE potential,
What I call your Heart.
My vision for you, and humanity is the discovery your unique expression as a being,
What you truly desire to create and contribute in your life time, what legacy you
Want to leave, your humanitarian drive and your natural entrepreneurial spark.
The end result of The Heart Shift is for you to fully connect to all of aspects of
Yourself (holistic integration) and be the fullest expression of your character,
Gifts, talents, natural abilities, unique contribution and pure potential. I do this
Through experiential workshops, 1 on 1 coaching, motivational speaking, wellness
Integration (with Serge) and collaborative endeavours (William White cloud).
The tools I use to empower, articulate your dreams, ground and motivate come down to
3 basic things –

1. Inspiration 2. Action = 3. Creating
It is my passion to awaken and focus your desire in creating the life that you love
That is true for you, by using your feeling energy to create new pathways to true
Success, love and freedom – that The Power of the Heart SHIFT.