F45 Training studios are popping up everywhere and chances are there is one within couple of hundred metres of your home. Fantastic marketing strategy and social media presence has made this business an industry stand out of 2017. F45 Training claims to be the most innovative, challenging and systemised training system in the world. Well in my humble opinion; “Don’t believe the hype”.

F45 Training concept created by Luke Istomin, is based around 45 minute group training workout centred around circuit/high intensity training workout plans. This concept borrows from various group training concepts such as CrossFit, Pump Class and Pilates. All the exercises are performed for time and with high intensity. There is a fantastic variation of workout plans and exercises, however many exercises are complex closed kinetic chain exercises such dead lift or thrusters. Generally membership with one of the F45 studios will allow you in unlimited participation in scheduled group workouts, most studios will offer between 6-8 workouts times to choose from per day. If you join one of the studios you can only attend group classes and you cannot use equipment in between group classes as the studio will be closed. Cost can vary from $55 per week to $66 depending on the studio but you can sign up for a free 2 week trial session.

So bear with me, as a concept this does sound great. Exciting and competitive group training often can help to keep you motivated and on track to achieve desired results fast. However, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before you decide to join on your local F45 Training studios.

First of all, most people that haven’t exercised for a while before joining one of the classes would not have the strength, ability or understand the correct technique to perform many of the exercises correctly during such a fast paced and high intensity workout. Exercises are performed not to limited number of repetitions but to duration, adding extra pressure just to get on with the next exercise, instead of taking your time to understand and perform exercise correctly. Furthermore, as there is only one personal trainer running the class, he or she simply won’t have opportunity to supervise and correct all the participants at all times. Some classes might have as many as 20 participants during popular times.  Unfortunately, performing exercises too fast, incorrectly or with too heavy weights can lead to serious injuries.

Another issue that I can see with F45 Training is the price point. If you shop around and not just go with what is fashionable at the moment you can definitely find better deal than $55 per week. Many gyms offer small functional group classes as part of their membership such as Fitness First. You will also be able to use gym facilities at your own time outside just designated class times. Heading into summer there are also many outdoor group training classes priced significantly lower, using similar equipment and workout plans.

There is no doubt that F45 Training can be great for some people but you must consider if the exercise structure would be suitable for your current ability and needs. If you decide to try one of the studios for free please take your time to understand the purpose and correct technique of each of the exercises. Many people hurt themselves before they ever get a chance to get themselves on the way of getting fitter, stronger and healthier.