So here is the bad news, exercise by itself will not be enough to help you lose weight. The reality is that your diet must match your weight and health goals, it is just way too easy to eat way too many calories. On the other hand, it is so hard and so damn hard to burn calories by exercising. However, looking at the reason to exercise as the simple one dimensional tool for weight loss is a very short sighted proposition. As little as 15 minutes of exercise a day can help to reduce the risk of death from all major health causes. The next number of short articles will explore some of the benefits of exercise that goes beyond just something that can assist you to lose weight.

A recent study published in April this year found that exercise can be the key in keeping your appetite in check and reducing overall calorie intake during the day. This study showed that people that exercised for just 15 minutes after doing mentally stimulating work, such as office work, ate on average 100 fewer calories than people who did mentally stimulating work and then remained sedentary. Study author William H. Neumeier of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has stated that “Exercise has the ability to increase available fuel sources in the body that may signal to the brain, ‘Here is the energy source I need. I don’t need to replenish it through food’”.

Portion control and frequency of meals is crucial when it comes to managing calorie intake to assist any weight loss. Clearly if you are not craving as much food it will be much easier not to overeat and manage your nutrition plan. So here is a great example how exercise becomes just another tool in managing your health and lifestyle goals.

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