Often by the end of another busy day in the office one just doesn’t feel like exercising. However, when you are feeling tired and low on energy, exercise is exactly what you should be turning to and not another high in sugar energy drink. Recent study has shown that exercise can increase your energy levels by over 160%. How many times did you walk into your local gym feeling like you are about to collapse and walked out ready to climb the mountain Everest. In a report released in June of 2016, men who cycled for just 20 minutes experienced a 166% increase in self-reported energy levels, compared to just 15% increase when they sat and did nothing for the same amount of time.

There are a number of fantastic responses that happen within your body when you exercise, such as increase in the oxygen intake and release of various hormones, which all can leave you feeling reenergised. So to summarise while, this particular study was quite small and the results were rather subjective, it’s not the first to suggest exercise can be a very powerful tool in combating the symptoms of fatigue. There is no particular type of training that will boost your energy levels more than the other, it really does come down to your personal preference and making sure that there is a physical challenge. Then again, it is always a good idea to incorporate both cardio vascular training and weight lifting in your workout as the combination of the two will offer you the best long term health benefits.

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