Most people turn to exercise as the means of losing weight. However, it is now a well known fact that exercise is not efficient in helping to lose weight. If you are seeking to lose weight, diet is the key. However, exercising on the regular basis and at the adequate level of intensity can bring many health benefits as well as reduce the risk of many health conditions such as type2 diabetes.

Latest research outlined in this article;, links benefits between exercise and anti-aging. It seems that high intensity interval training, helped to increase “mitochondrial capacity” by 69%, which effectively means, cells ability to fight aging has increased by 69%. The final result indicated that the more one engaged in high intensity interval training, the more efficient body becomes at repairing damaged cells and more efficient in producing energy within cells.

Exercising on the regular basis can help to reduce stress, improve memory and reduce risk of cardio vascular disease. These are just some of the many benefits that one can expect from regular exercise. So perhaps it is time to forget the next expensive anti-aging remedy and focus on one thing that has been proven by numerous research to provide health benefits, exercise.

Idealbody4life Personal Training team takes care in ascertaining important lifestyle and medical conditions of our clients in order to make sure we offer the workout plan that is suitable and designed specifically for each individual client. For some of our clients’ workout plan is based around high intensity functional exercises and only lasts 30 minutes. On the other hand, this type of workout might not be suitable for somebody with a number of medical conditions. Idealbody4life experienced personal trainers will take care in ensuring that we will help you achieve your health and fitness goals without risking your health.