Every day we are constantly told by the myriad health brands that we need to detox to help our body feel better, save our poor livers or dramatically improve our energy levels. There many reasons why many people would choose to go through a detox, such as weight loss and improving their overall health. However, often the main reason is a great marketing campaign by one of the big companies and perhaps offering something that their product simply would not be able to deliver.

There simply hasn’t been enough solid scientific research studies conducted to prove any long term or short term health benefits of any of the detox plans. There are some benefits to fasting for a short period of time but that does not translate to a full blown month long detox. The body is very efficient at detoxing itself naturally, mainly through the action of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. These organs work hard every day to help remove any harmful toxins and substances that shouldn’t be stored in our bodies.

On the other hand a detox can lead to lack of energy, headaches, irritability, dizziness and sometimes shakiness due to low blood sugar. Unfortunately most people tend to mistake these symptoms for positive effect of detox on their body. Naturally with lack of proper diet, while detoxing you will tend to lose some weight mainly through the loss of water and muscle. Once a person comes off a detox and resumes their natural eating patterns, more than likely they tend to put on more weight than they initially lost.

Idealbody4life Personal Training team advocates a healthy sustainable diet, which is based around natural foods. Freshly prepared meals using all the fresh ingredients, incorporating variety of food will always offer a much healthier overall lifestyle and long term health benefits. Just to summarise don’t believe the HYPE!