Personal TrainerAustralian fitness market has been undergoing dramatic growth over the last five years as more and more people are joining fitness clubs and using the services of personal trainers and other fitness professionals.

As a result there have been an ever increasing number of people who are taking advantage of this booming industry. There are many personal trainers in the market who are happy to offer a very generic and inadequate service, while charging exuberant prices. Many current personal trainers in the market simply do not have enough experience and lack appropriate qualifications to be able to offer appropriate level of service to their potential clients.

Consequently, it is even more important to be selective in finding the right personal trainer for your needs, who will take into consideration your medical conditions, health and fitness goals, as well as lifestyle.

So how does one select the Right personal trainer?
• Make sure your personal trainer is registered with Fitness Australia, organisation that is the main governing body in the fitness industry
• Check if your personal trainer has both public liability and professional indemnity insurances
• Your personal trainer need to have up to date Senior First Aid
• Ascertain what is your personal trainers experience and style of training
1. Fitness professionals have different specialties, make sure that your trainers specialties are suited to the style of training you are after
2. If you are looking to increase your core strength and improve your flexibility, then Crossfit trainer is probably not for you
• Make sure your personal trainer is using quality and not overused fitness equipment
• If your personal trainer appears to be easily distracted by his mobile phone or if he decides to have a snack during Your personal training session, well that is a good sign that you probably won’t be getting what you are paying for
• Good trainer will offer variety of training plans and options and will help you progress forward with each training session

I hope these few tips can help you to find the Right fitness professional and help you achieve all your health and fitness goals!