Recently Sydney Fitness Expo was in town and as per every year it showcased some of the latest state of the art fitness equipment. One must agree that all the flashy gym equipment  looked very impressive and of course very expensive.

However a recent study highlighted in the article on nine msn website, points out that latest fitness equipment does not always lead to best results.

Fitness equipment that you choose to use in the gym or in the park should reflect your long term and short term fitness and health goals. Some fancy looking machines in the gym might not necessary be providing you with a correct movement pattern and in some instances may even cause an injury over a long term use.

Please remember alternating between using free weights, your body weight and gym machines in your workout plan will often lead to the best results while minimising the risk of injury. Repetitive stress on the joints can be dramatically reduced by varying exercises and equipment used regularly.

Idealbody4life personal training team often develops workout plans only based around body weight exercises that can be both challenging and versatile, allowing our clients to be able to train at any location.

In Sydney there is a number of outdoor workout stations that are free and do offer basic equipment such as chin up bars and benches as well some cardio vascular equipment. On the occasion these fitness spaces can be great in adding variety to your workouts and stepping outdoors away from stuffy and busy gyms.

Idealbody4life personal trainers are all highly experienced and specialise in facilitating outdoor personal training sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you get started training towards your health and fitness goals.