Idealbody4life – Personal Training introducing unique personal training classes for clients over 55 years young. Our personal trainers have training and experience specialising in helping clients over 55 to achieve their unique fitness and health goals. As we get older our training goals and priorities must change to make sure that:

  1. Workout plan help to reduce health risks, such as osteoporosis and heart disease, while taking into account health history
  2. Workout Plan must weed out high impact and high risk exercises due to the fact that as we get older recovery tends to slow down, while our joints are more susceptible to injury. Most high impact and high risk of injury exercises can be replaced with a safer lower impact exercise that will achieve the same result. Idealbody4life Personal Training team will take all of these aspects into account when planning workouts for our clients, in order not to just achieve fitness and health goals but to do so safely with a minimum risk of injury.Idealbody4life Personal Training services are very convenient to use as we come directly to your location, providing you with all the necessary equipment for each unique workout!