Kettlebells are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to dummbells in both gyms as well as outdoor training. It has been claimed that kettlebells are much more effective than traditional dumbbells, in burning more calories as well as promoting lean muscle development. However, is there any truth in these claims or is it just another marketing spin?

Kettlebell are cast weights in a ball shape with a single looped handle on top, looks very similar to cannon ball with a handle on top. Due to its design the kettlebells center of mass is extended beyond person’s hand, which in turns allows for a great variety of swinging and ballistic movements. Consequently, this type of exercises can be very helpful in building strength and endurance, more so in back muscles, shoulders and legs. However, kettlebells exercises are very dynamic and should not be performed by people who have history of back or shoulder problems as well as weak core. Consequently, average person should not be doing kettlebelle exercise before becoming familiar with more basic dumbbell exercises and improving core strength.

Here at Idealbody4life Personal Training, prior to starting any training with our clients, we conduct a thorough fitness and medical assessment in order to make sure that we meet client’s fitness goals without the risk of injury.  We find that kettlebells dynamic movements are not suitable to a large majority of our clients as a starting point of training. Thus, using dumbbells doing more basic exercise, allows our clients to slowly develop strength and control before moving to a more complex and dynamic movements.