In the last couple of years Australian fitness industry has seen an explosion of the “army styled” boot camps. Boot camps have been promoted as quick, exciting and of course cheap way to lose weight, while at the same time obtaining great muscle gain.

One would have to agree that for a small group of people with no medical conditions or injuries boot camps can be exactly that, great way to achieve your fitness goals. However, unfortunately majority of boot camps offered at this stage are geared towards large groups, which in turn leads to dramatically reduced supervision. Furthermore, large groups tend to result in a small to no variety of exercises, with majority concentrating on running drills, pushups, burpees, jumping jacks and etc, so effectively exercises that do not require a lot of equipment of supervision.  There is a small number of boot camp providers that specialize in this type of training and provide fantastic variety of training options, equipment as well as great supervision but they are few and far in between.

Australian population is in the middle of the obesity epidemic, with up 50% of the population being classified as overweight. This in turn indicates that the large majority of Australians fail to regularly exercise or follow healthy diet. As a result a great number of Australians have underlying medical conditions that can be affected by training as well as history of injuries that need to be managed. Consequently, boot camp style of training fails to address these issues simply by the nature of this type of training and some people tend to be discouraged when they fail to keep up with fitter participants.

Idealbody4life Personal Training offers complete opposite of boot camp training but still in the group environment. Groups tend to be managed based on age, fitness level of the individual participants in order to make sure that everyone gains maximum results in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Group are restricted to no more than 12 people with one personal trainer per 6 people, in order to ensure maximum supervision and allows to offer a great variety of training options. These include resistance training, pilates, circuit classes, boxing and many more. Our classes are run across variety of locations, both in the morning, lunch time and evening. So give boot camp the boot and let the IdealBody4Life personal training team help you create your ideal body today!