Run on Beetroot Juice by Idealbody4life Personal Training

Australians love beetroot in their burgers but now maybe we all should have a nice refreshing beetroot juice before exercising. Clinical study recently published in the American journal of Physiology, has shown that beetroot juice can increase your endurance during exercise. Turns out that beetroot juice may be able to enhance oxygen delivery and reduce work of the heart, which in turn can help to exercise for a longer period of time before the onset of fatigue.

Researches even called the beetroot juice a nutraceutical, mix between a nutritional supplement and a pharmaceutical.
During this study, participants who drank just 70ml of beetroot juice for 15 days had lower blood pressure and more dilated blood vessels at rest and during exercise, all assisting in exercising for longer.

So why don’t you try drinking 70 ml of beetroot juice before your next personal training session and judge the results for yourself.