Join Idealbody4life Personal Training team to achieve your weight loss goals and to motivate you even further we will donate to a charity of your choice for every kg that you lose.  Sometime it’s hard to get yourself of the coach on the colds winters day, even though you know all the reasons why you should. Well here is just one extra incentive, lose weight and help one of the well deserving charities without any monetary cost to you, just to your bulge.

As part of the training routine we work on all your major muscle groups; improve your strength, flexibility and fitness. We offer a range of workout options, including: Boxercise, Resistance Training, Core Strengthening, Circuit Classes and many more. Thus, it really depends on your long term as well short term fitness goals.

Prior to commencing any training we a offer free fitness and health assessment that will allow to get a better understanding of your short term and long term goals as well any physical conditions that may be relevant.

Now is the time to start building your ideal summer body!