Though exercise is good for your health it sometimes can result in injury. Here are different types of exercise injuries.

  • Bone Injuries: Type of injury that are caused by direct blow, twisting movement and overuse stress, usually take the form of fractures.
  • Articular Injuries: Articular cartlidge is located at the end of long bones and it reduces friction between the bones as well as shock absorption. Articular cartridge is commonly injured in joint dislocation as well as overuse.
  • Ligaments: Ligament binds bone to bone, hold the joint together. A healthy ligament is highly flexible but not elastic. Ligaments tend to get injured when joint is pulled beyond its range of movement, such as a sprain. When sprain occurs ligaments are typically stretched beyond their capabilities, which can cause ligament to have a partial tear or a full tear.
  • Tendon: Tendons attach muscle to bone and are designed to withstand large tensile stresses. Tendons can get injured (ruptured) from either one traumatic stress or from repeated overuse, such as weightlifting.
  • Muscle: A muscle tear or strain (minor tear) occurs when a muscle fiber is unable to take the strain placed on it by the exercise. Muscle strains are usually classified as grade 1, 2 or 3. Grade 1 strains involve only a few muscle fibers, while a grade 3 is a complete tear. The site where the muscle meets the tendon is generally regarded as the weakest point of the muscle.
  • Bursa: The bursa is a small sac of synovial fluid located around joints, whose role is to suchion the tendon of the muscle that cross the joint. The bursa can become inflamed causing a bursitis. The most common sites for bursitis are in the knee, ankle and elbow.

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