Here are 100 workout tips from our fitness experts at Idealbody4life:

  1. Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any new training
  2. Start on simple exercises to build up strength and control
  3. Strong core is the key to heavy weightlifting
  4. Never sacrifice form for the sake of a heavier weight; perform exercise correctly
  5. Slow down; do not use momentum while lifting
  6. Set small achievable goals, achieve and do it all again
  7. Do not forget to bend your knees when picking up weights
  8. 80% of training is the right nutrition
  9. Try different workout plans to challenge your body all the time
  10. Listen to your body
  11. Know different types of pain, lactic acid burn is not the same as a torn ligament
  12. Take  breaks from training; every 6-10 weeks take one week off
  13. Different amount of repetitions will work muscles in a different way
  14. Don’t forget a drop set, start with heavier weight and reduce the weight in the same set
  15. Don’t forget a super set, do two different exercises sequentially as part of the same set
  16. Be consistent in your training; any workout is better than no workout
  17. Do no copy everything you see on TV in the GYM
  18. Hydrate, by the time you feel thirsty it’s too late, app 200ml every 20min
  19. Compound exercises will always work more muscles group then isolation exercise, dead lift vs bicep curls
  20. Do not try to lift heavy until you tried that exercise with the lighter weight
  21. If its heavy, please use a spotter
  22. Do not neglect training your legs, even though you can’t flex them in the club
  23. Supplements are great but nothing can replace a well balanced diet
  24. Forget peer pressure
  25. Not all exercises will work for everyone, each body is unique
  26. Stretch, flexible muscle will recover quicker and will be healthier
  27. Want to lose weight fast, try a circuit class
  28. Kettlebells are not for the beginners
  29. Do not constantly attend the same pump class, try different classes, different instructors
  30. Machines are great but don’t neglect free weights
  31. Push-ups, Chin-ups, Pull-ups, body weight exercises will help you achieve your goals
  32. Change workout locations, change gyms do anything that will prevent you from getting bored with training
  33.  Strong and healthy rotator cuffs will help you to prevent a lot of shoulder injuries
  34. Want  boring and  nasty workout just join your local boot camp
  35. Do not do Yoga or Pilates in a large group class
  36. Try to run on the grass to reduce impact on your joints
  37. When looking for a training partner try to train with someone fitter and stronger then you
  38. Looking for a low impact, minimal equipment exercise that still improves your fitness and strengthens bones, well just go for a walk
  39. Plyometric exercises are great in improving your explosive power; e.g. Squat Jumps
  40. Never lock out your joints while lifting weights
  41. Try to keep soft knees while holding weights and engage your core muscles
  42. Personal Training can help you  achieve your fitness goals faster and stay motivated
  43. You are more likely to burn more fat by doing cardio after resistance training
  44. Incidental exercise can bring you great benefits and save you a lot of time, so do take stairs
  45. Don’t swing your lower back while doing bicep curls, just try a lighter weight
  46. When running aim to be light on your feet and do not come down heel first
  47. Do not ice for more than 20 min
  48. Keep a training diary
  49. Never bounce while stretching
  50. Full squat is one exercise that most people should avoid
  51. When trying on your new training shoes, try them in the afternoon when your feet are bigger
  52. Aim to take no more than 1 minute breaks between each set
  53. Always complete a warm down before finishing a training session
  54. Want results, well then aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate training 5-7 days a week
  55. Always keep your lower back in the neutral position when lifting weight
  56. Running up stairs and hills is great for improving speed and endurance
  57. Muscle soreness one or two days after training is normal
  58. Listening to music while training can really keep you going but if it’s getting in the way of your concentration then turn that iPod off
  59.  Resistance Tubes are light, easy to use and can be used to do most exercises. Great tool to learn any new exercise as well awesome piece of exercise equipment to take with you while travelling.
  60. Try to have designated training days during the week
  61. There is no better time to exercise; some people prefer to train in the morning and some in the evening. Find the time that works great with your schedule and your body.
  62. Your lower back should never hurt or have any tension while training your abs or core
  63. Using Swiss Ball or Bosu Ball is a great way to introduce another degree of difficulty into your training  as well as can help to improve your balance, core control, strengthen smaller stabilisng muscles
  64. Make sure you don’t swing forward in the downward phase of the bend over row
  65. Don’t jump on the scales everyday of the week
  66. Don’t starve yourself to achieve weight loss, may cause a weight loss in the short term but in the long run you will end up putting on more weight
  67. If you want big, solid, muscular looking arms please don’t neglect training your triceps
  68. Please wear appropriate footwear to the gym
  69. Sprinting can help to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and strengthens your cardio vascular system, and it’s not as boring as a slow jog on the treadmill
  70. Boxing is a great way to work on your cardio muscular fitness as well as muscle tone, for a more challenging routine try using heavier boxing gloves
  71. Don’t box by just using your shoulders, be light on your feet and put your bodyweight behind each punch
  72. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, between 6-8 hours. Lack of sleep will make you feel weak and regress your recovery process
  73. Protein shake after a workout will greatly assist muscle building process
  74. Don’t bend and twist while lifting, sure way to end up with a lower back disk injury
  75. Mountain climber is a great exercise for the weight loss
  76. If you want to swim faster try improving flexibility of your ankles
  77. Any exercise that you don’t like doing is probably the one that you should do more
  78. Every 4 weeks try taking measurements of your waits, arms and etc to get that little bit of extra motivation
  79. Try to exhale as you lift
  80. Never exercise if you are sick unless most of the symptoms are above neck
  81. During training session stretch the muscles you just worked between the sets
  82. When cycling on stationery bike try to maintain pace between 80 to 110 rpm; you will ride further and faster without the knee strain as well as less fatigue
  83. Try training opposing muscle groups in each set to maximize each workout
  84. To build speed and endurance for the marathon, aim to go slow for the first third of your run, middle pace for the second third, and faster than normal pace until the end
  85. Try using bench as a reference point to improve your squatting technique
  86. Challenge your legs and try a reverse lunge
  87. Squeeze your butt muscles when you lift weights over your head to further stabilize your spine
  88. Don’t forget to keep your heels flat on the floor when you squat
  89. Stretch your calves before going for a run
  90.  When warming up before lifting weights don’t just go for a jog on the treadmill but instead to the warm up that targets muscles you will be using
  91. Training abs alone will not make you lose your stomach
  92. Having some sugar with protein after the workout will help carry protein to the muscles
  93. When doing hang knee raises make sure to roll your hips and pelvis towards your chest instead of simply raising your legs
  94. Your age is not an excuse! Google Jack Lalane
  95. If you want to have no energy while you train then stop eating all the carbs; No carbohydrates diets do not work in the long run
  96. Don’t forget to use a foam roller to stretch and loosen up your muscles
  97. Don’t become over dependent on your personal trainer
  98. When swimming make sure to breath between 2-4 strokes
  99. When choosing your personal trainer make sure to check if they are insured and adequately qualified
  100. Check out for more tips