• IdealBody4Life

    Holistic personal training approach, each session tailored
    to each client using variety of fitness equipment.
    It’s all about you and your fitness goals!
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  • IdealBody4Life

    We provide mobile highly experienced and
    professional personal trainers, ready to help you achieve
    your fitness goals at your house, in the park, in the gym, or anywhere at anytime.
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  • IdealBody4Life

    Idealbody4life Personal Training workout plans aim at improving all aspects of your fitness, including: flexibility,
    cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone or any other specific training goals
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  • IdealBody4Life

    We only offer small group training to
    ensure everyone will get personal attention! No boot camps here!
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About Us

IdealBody4Life Sydney Personal Training is a premier mobile personal training business, ready to help you achieve your fitness goals at your home, local park or gym.

We offer a unique approach to each client and aim to bring fitness to you on your terms and at your convenience. Launched in 2006, Idealbody4life Sydney Personal Training consistently delivers personal training services that far exceed the industry standard. We offer only unique and specific workout solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs and health goals!

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  • Robert Gavshon

    I have known Serge for approximately two years.He has acted as my personal trainer during that period and I have found Serge to be competent, knowledgeable in his field of physical training. Serge adopts an holistic approach and includes diet and lifestyle to support his sessions.
    He is consistent and reliable. Serge displays care, empathy and appreciates the needs and limitations of his client. He has the ability to motivate, extend and challenge responsibly. He has integrity and is personable and passionate.
    I recommend him without reservation.*

  • Alan O’Riordan, Ambulance Officer

    I have used Serge and Idealbody4life-Personal Training for nearly 2 years now and wound like to pass on some feedback on the personal training achievements I have succeeded on so far.

    Originally Serge was recommended to me when I was trying to improve my cardiovascular fitness and lose weight. Through his varied, personalised and challenging personal training programs I achieved better fitness and the weight loss I aimed to attain.
    To build on this Serge then adapted my personal training when I decided I wanted to complete the Kokoda Trek, working on leg strength for the trek ahead and back strength for the challenge of carrying my own pack for this trek.
    Post Kokoda, I set a challenge of wanting to complete the city2surf, again with adapted personal training sessions I was prepared for this run and succeeded in completing the run in a very respectable time.
    Post a work injury, Serge again adapted his personal training sessions to promote recovery in my injury and help maintain my cardiovascular fitness without any exacerbation of my injury.
    During my time with Serge I have found him to have varied and interesting personal training sessions, a sound knowledge of all body systems and to be a superior motivator for both fitness and weight loss goals. Serge has changed my view on exercise from something that I thought was unachievable to something that I feel is now part of my daily life.
    Big thanks to Serge and his personal training for a very positive lifestyle change.*

  • Dr Sheleyah, Courtney Anthropologist and University Lecturer Annandale

    Like many people these days, I have been sitting in front of a computer for increasingly long periods of time and I had put on weight just about as fast! I needed help and I needed inspiration, so when a friend suggested Serge T for personal training, I gave him a call. What a great decision that was, because after only a very short time my fitness, strength and most of all, my overall feeling of well-being increased dramatically. From his thorough knowledge, Serge has designed a range of training activities that are suitable for my specific abilities and are adjusted for previous injuries. Serge helps me push past my own limits; I work hard AND it is fun! Even better, I am firming up, losing weight and I can see my abs for the first time in years. Sometimes we all need some specialised help, especially when it comes to health and fitness, but it needs to be with someone who really knows what they are doing. I strongly recommend training with Serge T – it means you’re making the change to an ideal body for life.*

  • Peter Argent, IT Consultant Newtown

    I am totally impressed with Serge’s professionalism, passion for fitness and his dedication to my success. He definitely knows his stuff and he keeps me motivated and inspired by constantly giving me new and interesting exercises. I received Serge’s flyer in the mail and I am so glad I called – my fitness and strength has increased dramatically in the month or so I have been training and I can see my body starting to take shape. Do yourself a favor and invite Serge into your life!*

  • Jason Taylor, eTravel

    I really find it hard to come up with adequate words to thank my personal fitness trainer Serge enough. I can honestly say he’s a lifesaver – in every sense of the word. As a large man for many years, I struggled trying numerous diets and exercise regimes with limited success. When I met Serge, my life changed completely. I’ve gained muscle mass, lost body fat and been re-educated on healthy eating, living and exercise habits. Serge’s devotion and passion for his trade was the perfect motivation for me to get my butt off the couch and moving. By tailoring his practical and personal attention to my body type and lifestyle, we formed a formidable weight-loss team! Serge has inspired me to achieve my weight loss goals, and given me the necessary tools to continue succeeding on my own. Not that I have too! Another big plus with Serge is that he’s always available for support and advice when you need it, and he keeps in regular contact via phone, email and SMS when he hasn’t heard from you for a little while. The lifestyle knowledge and practical strategies Serge have given me are directly responsible for my success so far. And his continued support means I’m not done yet!*

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