New Years health resolutions are almost as much of a tradition as New Year’s celebrations. Every year many people try to have a healthy kick start to their year and almost inadvertently turn to one of the super food currently making headlines. Few years’ back Goji Berries were making the buzz with a wide range of claims of health benefits. One might say that 2015 can be the year of Kale, demand being so high that there was almost a worldwide shortage.
In a recent study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, Cornell University’s Jonathan P. Schuldt found that people think eating omega-3s supplement will better protect them from disease than eating fish itself, which is one of the best sources of the omega-3s. There has been too much focus on the nutrients in our super food rather than the food itself and unfortunately that way of thinking tends to completely miss the point. Research suggests that eating whole foods and maintaining a healthy diet will provide average person all the nutrients needed. Paying top dollar for the latest super food may not be harmful to your health, maybe just to your wallet, but it will not provide any further health benefits.
There has not been any proof that including Acai Berries or Goji Berries in your diet offer any more health benefits than just eating plain old blueberries.
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