When it comes to training outdoors Sydney must be one of the best cities in the world. Boasting fantastic variety of parks in many stunning locations, it really just comes down to you making an effort to get there.  Training outdoors can be really rewarding, what can be better than exercising in the fresh air, while at the same time avoiding peak hour crowds in the your local gym. Just to get you started we will be bringing out a short list a few fantastic parks around inner city area.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is huge, over 189 hectares, so if you can’t find yourself a bit of space to exercise here you won’t have luck anywhere else. Located right in the middle of Sydney Eastern Suburbs it truly caters for everybody. There are BBQ areas, kids’ playgrounds, sporting ovals, lakes and ponds, not to mention fields upon fields of lush grass.  When it comes to outdoor training options in this park, sky is the limit. You can go for a run right around the park on one of the running/walking tracks. However, if running is not your thing you can hire yourself a bike or a set of rollerblades, if you are really adventurous there is horse riding. There are many team sports that you can participate in, including soccer, cricket, rugby, and touch football. On the other hand if you prefer just to concentrate on calisthenics, there is plenty of room for anybody to do a few sets of push ups or jumping jacks, under the shade of one of the massive fig trees.

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