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Serge T

Serge is the creator of idealbody4life personal training concept and the original member. Serge first became involved in the fitness industry at the young age of 13 and 18 years later he continues to be an active member of the sporting and local community. Along the way Serge has built for himself his ideal body – from the ground up, acquiring wide knowledge and experience that he is ready to pass on to you today. Serge has been working as a personal trainer since 1999, helping many people to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals one step at the time.

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Antone Roberte

Anton is a Certificate IV completed Personal Trainer with 7 years training experience and 2 years experience in fitness centre management, health seminars & blood sugar/cholesterol testing. He has also worked as a trainer abroad in Sweden and the Czech Republic.

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Cristian Villafana

Cristian become involved in sports at the young age of five. Since then Cristian has been trained and mentored by elite coaches in different sports including the fitness guru Rudolf Sopko from the NSWIS. Cristian has participated at different sporting competitions including NSW premier league soccer, state basketball, and tennis.

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Louis Chan

Louis Chan has been in the fitness industry for more than 8 years, he is an experienced fitness therapist, remedial massage therapist and Martial Arts instructor. He is devoted to creating a healthy lifestyle for the people around him.

Louis has always been active since childhood. At the age of 17, he started weight training and also spent most of his spare time practising martial arts.

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Rodd Cotty

With many years experience working at one of London’s most exclusive clubs I am a widely experienced PT with a broad sporting background, including rugby, athletics, and triathlon. Now based in Sydney, I use my extensive academic background combined with my life and sporting experience to create a unique and exciting Personal Training package.

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Justin has extensive experience in assisting with weight loss programs and strength programs for both average and athletic populations. As part of his ongoing training he has done over 240 hours of internship at the south Sydney Rabbitohs and as a result has had personal and hands on experience training elite athletes.

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Nina Price

Nina is an experienced fitness professional with more than 10 years experience spanning three continents. She trains hard to stay in shape but like so many others, dislikes repetitive and time-consuming gym routines. This had led her to a training style focusing on intensity and intelligent exercise choices, an approach she mirrors with her clients.

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Douglas Griffiths

Douglas Griffiths has been involved in Sydney personal training scene for over 20 years working in the number of well known Sydney gyms.
Currently Doug is working in the premier Eastern Suburbs gym Fresh Fitness, were he is helping many Sydney’s celebrities such as Amanda Keller achieve their fitness goals. For anyone looking at taking advantage of Sydney’s fantastic parks and beaches, Doug offers outdoor personal training options to suit any unique fitness goals.

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