This article summarises some of the points I have made in the previous posts.

There has been an obsession with so called “clean eating”, which really is just trying to eat food that hasn’t been processed. In reality we should all strive to have a balanced approach to our diet, eating foods that are low in sugar and don’t have preservatives. However, on occasion we all going to have events that we must attend or just feel like going out for dinner that might not be exactly healthy, and guess what, it is fine. Part of having a balanced approach to your diet is to splurge on occasion without feeling guilty about it.

Functional training is another fashionable label that is used on the whole range of exercises. Perhaps it is hard to believe but all exercises as long as they are performed correctly and appropriate to your body and level of fitness will offer you a health and fitness benefit. Personal trainer can be helpful in ascertaining the appropriate workout plan to help reduce the risk of injury and managing the correct level of intensity during the workout.

Detoxing, is constantly marketed as a must to help our bodies function at the optimum level, more than likely that in the past you have had tried detoxing and I am more than certain with a very little long term results.  If you have concerns about constantly feeling fatigue or unwell, instead you should see your doctor rather than follow another over hyped detox solutions.

There are many supplements on the market, targeting various conditions and promising great many health benefits. Unfortunately, there is no supplement that can replace a well balanced diet and in many instances the health benefits that many of the supplements offer have no scientific research behind them. As the matter of fact, the recent research actually indicated that in many instances supplements didn’t even have the ingredients listed on the label.

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