Serge T

SergeSerge T is the creator of idealbody4life personal training concept and the original member.

Serge first became involved in the fitness industry at the young age of 13 and 18 years later he continues to be an active member of the sporting and local community. Along the way Serge has built for himself his ideal body – from the ground up, acquiring wide knowledge and experience that he is ready to pass on to you today. Serge has been working as a personal trainer since 1999, helping many people to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals one step at the time.

All workout plans designed by Serge, try to offer a holistic approach to personal training. Idealbody4life Personal Training system aims at improving your muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, core strength and functional fitness, while always emphasising Your short term and long term fitness goals.

Tailored Workout Plans

Your workout plan will be tailored to suit you, concentrating and targeting particular fitness areas that are of a primary concern to you, such as flexibility, specific muscle groups, posture, cardiovascular fitness and etc.

Serge provides all the equipment you may need, which includes:

  • hand weights
  • resistance bands
  • stretch bands
  • fitness ball
  • heart rate monitor
  • pedometer
  • boxing gloves
  • mats
  • skipping rope
  • Bosu Ball
  • Suspension Training System
  • access to various gyms

Serge charges per session and not per hour helping you to progress more with every personal training session!

Serge is also a qualified older adults trainer as well certified suspension trainer coach!

Call Serge today on 0410 776 831 and start on your way to achieving YOUR ideal body!