Nina Price

Nina Price is an experienced fitness professional with more than 10 years experience spanning three continents.

She trains hard to stay in shape but like so many others, dislikes repetitive and time-consuming gym routines. This had led her to a training style focusing on intensity and intelligent exercise choices, an approach she mirrors with her clients.

Her clients enjoy a combination of different training methodologies to achieve their goals, however, two consistent elements across her programs are a focus on getting clients moving safely with big compound movements to ensure her clientele see results faster, and a exercise focus on the often neglected glute muscles. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a good butt?

For clients aiming to drop body fat, and get leaner and meaner, Nina Price offers metabolic conditioning training, a unique and challenging mix of resistance and cardiovascular training that yields great results.
Whatever your goals, you can expect each training session to be different and involve a vast array of equipment and tools to keep you interested and working hard.

When not training a client or working towards a new PB, Nina can usually be found enjoying a big glass of red wine or a slice of homemade dark chocolate.

Her qualifications include:

  • FMA Strength coach level 1 – FMA Strength Training Australia
  • Sports power coach – Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Certificate 2 and 3 in Sports Coaching – College of Sports and Fitness
  • Extreme Kettle bell instructor – Optimal fitness UK
  • Pre/anti natal Instructor – Institute of Fitness Professionals, South Africa
  • Certificate 4 in personal training – Institute of Fitness Professionals, South Africa
  • Exercise science – Institute of Fitness Professionals, South Africa