Just came across this article on Yahoo 7 Lifestyle website, https://au.be.yahoo.com/lifestyle/health-and-fitness/a/34907241/3-ways-to-burn-kjs-without-exercise-yahoo7-be/#page1.

Article talks about 3 ways one can burn lots of calories without exercising, such as housework, sweating and fidgeting. There are a number of other activities that are missing from this particular list, such as gardening, sex or shivering just to mention a few. Shivering in particular can burn more calories per minute than any other high intensity exercise; unfortunately most people will only be able to shiver for only a few minutes, no one likes shivering. On the other hand, most people would agree that engaging in sex to burn calories would be far a more fun activity, than perhaps gardening or shivering.

There is one component missing in all of the above mentioned activities that only a structured exercise can provide. Repeated overload on the muscles to result in muscle strengthening and toning, which in turn can help to improve posture, strength and endurance. There are many benefits of exercise that are not just limited to burning calories such as improving mental health and reduce risk of various health conditions.

For someone looking to lose weight, one must look beyond just calorie burning activities and instead focus on the everyday diet. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to be active enough to compensate for a bad diet. The truth of the matter is, it is too hard to burn enough calories and it is too easy to eat too many calories. In my experience working as a personal trainer, people tend to overestimate calories that they burn during the workout and always underestimate calories that they are consuming. After a tough session, most people don’t feel guilty about having a junk meal as a reward for the effort that they put in during the training session. Consequence of doing that is that they end up consuming more calories than they actually burned during the training session.

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