How to improve your memory?

Memory and Health

Memory and Health

We all have heard of an old saying, use it or lose it and that definitely applies to your memory. Our increasing over reliance on the technology means that we tend to not use our memory as often as we used to. For example, no one tries to remember any phone numbers any more, and why would you try when you can access all of that information with just a click or a slide of a button.

In recent interview by Time magazine, Dr Majid Fotuni, chairman of the Memosyn Neurology Institute, was asked to share latest research insights on how we can all improve our memory.

• Go Dancing
It’s a brain building triple threat as physical activity is known to protect the brain, while learning can help brain develop and grow. We are all social creatures and socialisation can really help our brain thrive.
• Learn Something New
Any challenging mental exercise can help to grow and develop the part of the brain associated with spatial memory. Think about when, just a little while ago you couldn’t just relay on your handy GPS but needed to use a map to ascertain best possible route.
• Take Omega-3 Fatty Acids
The combo of DHA and EPA, two healing molecules, increases blood flow to the brain, reduces inflammation and helps to repair neuron. Dr Fotuni, states that his research has found that omega-3 fatty acids may also slow cognitive decline.

I guess if you would like to stay sharp and improve your memory, there is no silver bullet but a combination of a number of different factors can definitely help. Maintaining a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and great variety of challenging exercises as well as trying to reduce our dependence on technology, can help to improve our memory and general cognitive ability.