Sydney Personal Training market is booming, with many people turning to personal trainer to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. However, in this competitive market place some personal trainers are there just to make a quick buck and tend to take short cuts when it comes to their clients’ best interest.

Fitness Australia is a main governing body that outlines personal trainers duty of care to their clients and every personal trainer must follow the set out guidelines, failing to do so may lead to loss of registration with Fitness Australia. One must not forget that some personal trainers are not currently registered with Fitness Australia in the first place, but yet still offer their services to the general public.
When commencing training, a personal trainer must conduct a thorough lifestyle and medical assessment in order to be able to ascertain a safe and personal workout plan that will help their clients achieve their goals.

In order to set an industry standard of screening and assessment of any exercise participants, Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA), Fitness Australia (FA), and Sport Medicine Australia (SMA) have developed the new Pre-Exercise Screening System. Australian personal trainers are encouraged to follow and adopt the national standardised system as part of the essential client screening prior to commencing any exercise or workout plans. Following this simple system will enhance personal trainers’ ability to further understand health risk and training goals of their clients, in turn improving exercise prescription and training outcomes.
The other side of the same coin is the fact that client will feel reassured that their personal trainer took time to plan a much more personal training approach, while taking into account any health risk factors.

Sydney Personal Training market has come a long way; many fantastic personal trainers are offering a very varied, fun and fulfilling training options. The new Pre-Exercise Screening System will help not only better personal trainers to stand out from the pack, but will lead to a much safer and in depth exercise prescription.