From Boot Camps to Crossfit, group training classes are ever so popular in Australia, seen as a fun team based training environment, offering various challenging exercises and a further challenge due to the competitive nature of the class.

However, big concern is failure of this style group classes to take into account medical history and fitness limitations of each individual participant. Large size classes, complex compound exercises all impede flexibility in modifying and offering correct exercise prescription to each unique requirement of the participants.

Crossfit can be seen as the biggest culprit, workouts consisting of complex Olympic style lifts, explosive plyometric movements, with further challenges of time restrictions. Many participants find it’s a fantastic environment to get motivated, inspired and challenged in order to achieve fitness goals. Unfortunately, this style of training is not for beginners, as many exercises require advance technique, strong core control and strong muscle base in order to perform these exercises correctly.

Thus many of the exercises involved should not be prescribed to anyone just starting out. First muscle weakness and imbalances should be ascertained and strengthened prior to engaging in the more complex exercise selection. Failure to follow gradual increase in the complexity of the exercise selection and workout development very often can lead to either over use injury, due to using the wrong muscle group to perform certain movements, or more serious injury, due to the body not coping with excessive weight or movement patterns.

Usually individual would not be actively aware of the muscle imbalances or weakness due to the incorrect muscle movement patterns that has been developed over the years. Thus it is up to exercise professional to identify what appropriate exercise should be prescribed and timing of slowly introducing more complex exercises and workout plans.