One of the reasons many people join gym or commence any sort of training is in order to lose weight. Often there is a bit of frustration, if there is no weight loss but in some instances there is weight gain. This article does a great job summarising some of the reasons behind the weight gain.

From my personal experience training generally will not be very effective in helping you to lose weight. Regardless if you are running 20 kilometres every other day or lifting some serious weights in the gym, when it comes to losing weight correct nutrition is the key.  I don’t like to use term diet as for many people it implies restricting your food or just eating boring meals. In reality it comes down to choosing appropriate nutrition plan that would help you achieve and maintain your weight goal.  Unfortunately, quiet often people tend to overestimate number of calories they burn during the workout and under estimate calories that they consume. Keeping a diet diary can be a useful tool to have a better understanding of your dietary habits.

Please do not hesitate to see a dietician if you need any further help or more in depth approach to your weight goals. Professional advice can be invaluable in helping you achieve your weight goals sooner, without any risk to your long term health.

As part of our personal training holistic approach we often refer our clients to other health professionals to help them achieve their desired results. Idealbody4life Personal Training has established a fantastic referral network of the health professionals around Sydney. In turn our clients are seen by the best dieticians, physiotherapists and other health professionals in the industry.